'Only two places safe for girls- mother's womb and cemetery' shocking suicide note

Chennai: 'Stop Sexual harassment', 'Neither trust teachers nor relatives. For girls, only the mother's womb and grave are now safe'. These heart-rending words are written by a girl in class XI in her suicide note. This is the case on the outskirts of Chennai. Police have informed that a couple lives on the outskirts of Chennai. Their daughter was studying in class XI. The girl's body was allegedly found hanging from the roof on Saturday. Police have found a suicide note allegedly from this girl's room in the investigation.

The suicide note says, 'Only the mother's womb and grave are safe.' The letter from the girl, who is studying in class XI, is going viral on social media. When the girl's parents found the girl hanging from the roof, they were stunned and immediately informed the police. Police rushed to the spot and searched the girl's room during which police found the suicide. Police also questioned the girl's friends, which revealed that the girl had separated herself from friends in recent times. But the suicide note allegedly written by the girl is heartbreaking. In this letter, the girl shares the pain she had faced in the past few days.

Launching this note with the words 'Stop Sexual Harassment', the girl has written that she is in so much pain that no one can even console her. It is written in the letter that now she no longer has the strength to read and write, she used to have nightmares again and again which did not let her sleep. In the note, the girl further wrote that 'Every parent should teach their sons to respect girls. Do not trust relatives or teachers. The only safe place for girls is the mother's womb and grave. School is also no longer safe for girls.'

Mangadu police have formed 4 special teams to investigate the case. The team is investigating a number of things, including the girl's phone details. Police are interrogating the girl's numbers whose calls have been repeated. However, police are yet to explain why the girl committed suicide.

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