VIDEO: Will Smith punches Chris Rock, KRK says he did it right

During the recent 94 Oscar Award ceremony, something happened that is being discussed. In fact, comedian Chris Rock joked about will smith's wife Jada Pinkett Smith's baldness, and after seeing that, the matter was so hot that Smith went on the stage and slapped Chris. The video during that time quickly went viral and due to the same video, Will Smith joined the top trend. Yes, now someone is trolling him at this time, then someone is blaming Chris Rock for this incident.



What happened?- In fact, Chris Rock had commented on Will's wife Zeda Pinkett's baldness and that made him angry. In fact, Jenda has alopecia disease, due to which the hair disappears completely from place to place in the head. Chris recently said on the Oscar stage that he has been cast in the film 'GI Jane' because of baldness. "He felt very bad to Will. GI Jane was a 1997 film. Yes, and actress Demi Moore, who is playing the lead role in it, shaved her head. At the same time, seeing his wife being insulted, Will Smith got angry and punched the comedian on the stage.

Chris was surprised for a minute, but Smith returned to his seat and abused Chris, saying, "Never bring my wife's name back on your mouth." After all, this happened, Chris apologized, saying, "He will never do that." Now amidst all this, KRK has given its response. He tweeted: "I think Will Smith has done the right thing. No one has the right to make fun of someone's wife's illness.''

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