Coronavirus outbreak in China, death toll exceeds 1600

Feb 15 2020 10:09 AM
Coronavirus outbreak in China, death toll exceeds 1600

Beijing: Coronavirus has created a furore in China. There is no hope of improving the situation still located. According to reports, the situation in Hubei Province has become very frightening, with 139 more casualties reported in Hubei. With this, the number of people who died of corona in China has reached 1631. However, the Chinese government is constantly claiming that now the number of deaths is gradually decreasing.

It is being told that 67535 people in China are battling the coronavirus. However, data from infected people released by Beijing, the capital of China, showed that there has been a slight decrease in the number of infected people of Corona. At the same time, Michael Ryan, the emergency head of the World Health Organization (WHO), has asked all countries to work together in this emergency. Let us tell you that to avoid the coronavirus, scientists from all over the world are engaged in finding remedies, but scientists have not been fully successful in it. This is why the WHO has appealed to all countries to unite.

Michael Ryan appealed, stating, "In the last two weeks there has been a sharp decline in the number of cases of the corona. All scientists must come together, all scientists must continue to work together. All Cooperate together, to help people, all countries allow their scientists to work together. "

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