Over 24 teachers were blackmailed and raped by the principal of a Pakistani school
Over 24 teachers were blackmailed and raped by the principal of a Pakistani school

Karachi Principal Accused of Sexual Assault on Teachers, Students, and Staff

Karachi, Pakistan - In a shocking development, a school principal in Karachi, Pakistan, has been arrested by the police on allegations of sexually assaulting over two dozen teachers, students, and staff members. The arrest came after a disturbing video involving the principal surfaced on the internet.

Principal Irfan Ghafoor Memon Faces Serious Accusations

Principal of Gulshan-e-Hadeed IGI School Arrested

Irfan Ghafoor Memon, the accused, holds the position of principal at Karachi's Gulshan-e-Hadeed IGI school. He stands accused of committing sexual assaults against multiple victims, leaving the community in shock and disbelief.

Multiple Victims Identified

Five Victims Confirmed, Investigation Ongoing

Authorities have identified five victims who were sexually assaulted by Irfan Ghafoor Memon. However, reports indicate that the principal may have victimized many more individuals, including both teachers and students.

Blackmail and Exploitation

Principal's Disturbing Modus Operandi Revealed

Memon allegedly employed a disturbing modus operandi, where he would blackmail teachers and coerce them into engaging in sexual acts. He would then record these acts using hidden CCTV cameras and subsequently use the recorded footage to further manipulate and control his victims.

Extensive Video Evidence

Police Recover 25 Obscene Videos

Upon his arrest, the police uncovered a shocking discovery - 25 obscene videos stored on Memon's mobile phone, evidence of his alleged crimes. This raises serious concerns about the scale of his predatory activities.

SSP Malir Hasan Sardar's Statement

Police Respond to the Alarming Situation

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Malir Hasan Sardar issued a statement following the arrest, stating, "So far, five women have come forward as victims of the suspect who is currently under investigation. We are also gathering necessary information from the victims as well."

A Shocking Incident Amid Rising Violence

Incident Adds to a Disturbing Trend

This incident has sent shockwaves through the IGI school community and Karachi's Gulshan-e-Hadeed neighborhood. It also comes at a time when Pakistan has seen a troubling increase in violence and assault against women, particularly targeting religious minorities over the past two months.

Ongoing Investigation and Growing Pressure

Police Under Pressure to Deliver Justice

As the investigation unfolds, authorities are diligently working to reach out to potential additional victims and gather statements. The community and the public are calling for swift action and justice in response to the shocking revelations that have emerged from Karachi.

The investigation into this distressing case continues, and the authorities are committed to ensuring that justice is served.

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