Over a family dispute, a Woman ate poison....

Jun 20 2019 09:43 PM
Over a family dispute, a Woman ate poison....

Hisar: A married woman was poisoned and killed due to a family feud. The incident took place in Ramnagaria, Sirsa. Where the woman ate poison in a family feud. His father-in-law had gone to take him in-laws. The woman was admitted to Sirsa and Hisar hospital but died while undergoing treatment. Police have registered a case against the husband and mother-in-law of the deceased on the complaint of his father.

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Complete Events That Happened

According to information, Ved Prakash, a complainant from Manflower Nagar in Hisar, said that in 2005, he married his daughter Poonam, a Ramnagaria resident of Sirsa. They also have two children. But for a long time, her daughter had a quarrel. The panchayat had also been in conflict about 10 to 15 times.


Husband and mother-in-law quarreled

At the same time, on Wednesday, her daughter called her and asked her to come and take her. He has been harassed by the in-laws. Ved Prakash reached Sirsa to pick up his daughter. In the meantime, the husband and mother-in-law again started quarreling. He explained to the daughter and came out of the room. Then her daughter ate the poison and came out and started vomiting. He rushed to the hospital. From where he was referred to Hisar. Poonam was declared dead by doctors at 12 o'clock on Wednesday and Thursday during Hisar treatment.

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