Over irritated by friends laugh, two minor committed this crime and then….

Apr 17 2019 02:35 PM
Over irritated by friends laugh, two minor committed this crime and then….

Irritated by the laugh of their 18-year-old friend, two minors in Malad kicked and punched him to death before escaping the spot. They were arrested a few days later while trying to flee the city.The incident happened in Santosh Nagar's Kanya Pada, Malad East, on Saturday evening, when the minors aged 16 and 17 killed Dhiraj Singh. According to police sources, Singh and the accused were friends from the same locality. On Friday evening, while partying, they fell out over some issue and the minors stopped talking to Singh.

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Here it is to be noted that on Saturday, while the minors were at the local grocery, Singh, who was on his scooter, laughed when he spotted them. This somehow angered the two boys, who ran to him and got into a heated argument. They then suddenly started beating, punching and kicking Singh. They beat Singh so badly that he fell to the ground unconscious. The two boys got scared on seeing this and fled from the spot. Singh was rushed to a hospital by his other friends, but he was declared dead before arrival, said a police officer from Kurar police station.

However, it is worth mention here that the Kurar police registered a murder against the two boys and have sent them to a correction home. The police said the 16-year-old is a Std IX student while the 17-year-old had just passed Std IX and had been promoted Std X. The deceased was in Std XII.

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