School bus catches fire after colliding with transformer, 15 injured

Apr 16 2019 01:25 PM
School bus catches fire after colliding with transformer, 15 injured

Ramachandrapuram: On Monday, a school bus, carrying 15 children and teacher, on its way from school, accidentally came in contact with an electrical transformer while the driver was negotiating a curve. The school children have escaped a major accident. In the incident, 15 students got injures as the school van crashed into the pole of the transformer. It got damaged completely. All the children and the teacher in the bus escaped unhurt. The injured children were immediately shifted to Mummidivaram hospital for better treatment. Where the children condition is said to be out of danger.

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According to sources, the school bus of Lakshmi Sarvani School at Draksaharama in the mandal was carrying 15 children after school hours. On reaching Bhimakosupalem, the bus accidentally touched a roadside transformer and caught fire. However, the children and teacher escaped without any injuries. But the bus was left damaged. On hearing about the accident the parents rushed to the hospital and demanded action against the school and the driver for the reckless driving. The police have booked a case and investigating further. According to Ramachandrapuram subdivision police officer Santosh Kumar, the Draksharama police registered the case and investigating. 

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