Dubbaka elections political chaos, TRS encourages BJP to open debate
Dubbaka elections political chaos, TRS encourages BJP to open debate

Dabak MLC elections are going to be held soon. At the appointed time, political confusion is increasing. Karimnagar Mayor Y Sunil Rao demanded that BJP state president and local MP Sanjay Kumar accept the challenge thrown by the Finance Minister. Recently, Finance Minister T Harish Rao Azhar achallenged the BJP for an open debate in Dabbaq on pensions. Sunil Rao told a press conference here on Tuesday that the BJP president should accept the challenge if the information about the central government's share of support pension on various social media platforms is true as part of the Dabbak by-election campaign.

But Sanjay challenged him to take part in the discussion by accepting the challenge or to quit the MP post along with his party presidentship. Sanjay Kumar, who misled the karimnagar people during the 2019 Parliamentary elections, is trying to spread false statistics about pensions and cheat Dubbak voters again. While participating in the Dabbaq by-election campaign, Sanjay Kumar told the people that the BJP-led central government was giving Rs 2,000 to the state government for Rs 1,600 for a rs 2,000 asara pension.

However, no BJP-ruled state is giving such pensions. Speaking about the Hyderabad floods, Sunil Rao accused BJP leaders of resorting to cheap politics instead of pressurising the central government to announce the flood relief package. The BJP MP could not get a single rupee for the state. He appealed to women to play ducks to protect themselves from Covid-19.

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