Death toll may increase due to corona in America
Death toll may increase due to corona in America

Washington: For the past several days, the fear of corona has been increasing continuously. Every day due to this virus, someone is losing his life all over the world, while the infection of this virus is increasing in every corner of the world. The actual number of deaths due to Coronavirus (Covid-19) in the US may be almost double the current official figures.

A report is made by the US Centers for Prevention and Prevention, in which it is feared. The Center has made this assessment based on the deaths in the first 8 months in the country. The Center has prepared an average of all the deaths due to all types of deaths using the data for the year 2015-2019.

The Center said, "Between the end of January 2020 to October 3, 2020, around 299,028 people have died in the country and out of these 198,081, 66% of the deaths are due to Covid-19. People aged 25 to 44 years. There has been a huge increase." The report said that as of October 15, 216,025 people had officially died due to Covid, but in reality, the number would have been higher.

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