How did China treat corona? Man who spent 5 months in Wuhan reveals secret
How did China treat corona? Man who spent 5 months in Wuhan reveals secret

Beijing: According to data released by the Chinese government, corona cases are on the rise around the world, but it has to be controlled. The only question around the world is what China has done, with the lowest number of corona cases, while the coronavirus began to spread from here. The answer was given by a young man who spent time in Wuhan during corona.

A Chinese citizen living in London has shared the story of operation in Wuhan in response to the Corona epidemic. The young man was trapped there for 5 months when corona Wuhan was causing havoc. The 31-year-old Shi Lu, who visited the family, was stranded there for 141 days due to the epidemic. He says that China has beaten corona in the best way because the people living here are obedient and law-abiding. On the ongoing debate on sanctions and freedom, he said that if a man does not survive, where will be the question of his human rights.

He said, "There were stringent restrictions in Wuhan after 76 days of corona havoc. People follow all government rules from physical distance to wearing a mask. People were giving information to the authorities when neighbours broke any rules. The people themselves did so in lockdown. '

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