'Owaisi is also contributing in increasing the popularity of Modiji', said Baba Ramdev
'Owaisi is also contributing in increasing the popularity of Modiji', said Baba Ramdev

New Delhi: Yogaguru Baba Ramdev has recently given a big statement regarding AIMIM MP Asaduddin Owaisi. He taunted and said that the more Owaisi speaks, the more PM Narendra Modi benefits. In politics, he (Owaisi) is called the B team of the Bharatiya Janata Party, I do not say this… The more he speaks, the more he becomes the Prime Minister. Modiji benefits.

In fact, on the question of 'one country, one law', Swami Ramdev said, 'There should be one law in one country. This is the basic spirit of our Constitution. It is a good thing that UCC started from Uttarakhand and it is expected that more states will work on it in the coming days. Nothing can be bigger than the country. Owaisi has been opposing this issue. Ramdev said that he is a man with a twisted mind. His ancestors were also anti-national. Baba Ramdev said that Owaisi stops polarization of Muslims, drives away those who have become the leaders of Muslims, the more Owaisi says the opposite, the more Modiji benefits, Owaisi should keep doing this, Owaisi should keep contributing. Yes, Rahul Gandhi also keeps on contributing, the popularity of Modiji today is due to his efforts but there is also the contribution of the opposition.

During the power conference, Swami Ramdev said that if the opposition keeps talking nonsense then Modi ji will surely get 400 seats. No one can be more foolish and irrational than the one who calls himself secular. On Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, Ramdev said that I taught yoga to Lalu ji, Tejashwi and Nitish Kumar, everyone should do yoga, Lalu ji also used to do yoga but in between, he started doing the opposite, nowadays Tejashwi is doing good yoga. Is. On Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, Swami Ramdev said that his fitness is good, but he should focus on political fitness. Congress has benefited from the journey from South to North, their government has been formed in Karnataka. Whereas for the Kashi-Mathura temple movement, Ramdev said that all Muslims themselves should come forward for Kashi-Mathura and say that Ram-Krishna are our descendants, the temple should be built.
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