Good news for the world, Corona vaccine will come soon, production started
Good news for the world, Corona vaccine will come soon, production started

Washington: The worldwide corona from Wuhan city of China has caused a commotion. In the grip of this virus, more than 71 lakh people have been infected in more than 200 countries all over the world, while 4 lakh people have lost their lives. Scientists from all over the world are studying medicine and vaccines to control the deadly virus of Corona. According to one estimate, coronation of the corona vaccine has increased greatly, although by how long the coronavirus vaccine will come, nothing can be said yet.

Amid the growing infection of the corona, the whole world is waiting for the corona vaccine. Efforts are on for many countries of the world. Vaccine trials are going on in many countries including India and positive news is coming from many countries. Four of India's vaccines have had good initial results, whose trials are in advanced stage. Trials are also showing positive results in countries like China, USA, UK. It is being said that in the coming days, good news can come from any country regarding medicine.

Meanwhile, big news is coming from Oxford University about the Corona vaccine. The scientists here have come very close to making the vaccine. British Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca has also started production. The company's CEO Pascal Sorriot said the hope is that the end result of the vaccine will also improve. So we are making more and more vaccines so that it can reach people as soon as possible after the final test.

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