VIDEO: 'I'll get old while studying..,' sad story of a child troubled by homework

Many types of videos are viral on social media. Now even at this time, a video is becoming increasingly viral. The person watching this video can't stop laughing. In this video, the child is seen doing homework. Yes, and the child is seen as very angry while doing homework, but when he can't do anything, the child is seen telling his sad story while crying.

You can see in the video going viral, a boy is seen crying and complaining to his mother that he will get old while studying all his life. Yes and after this, the child got scolded by his mother. In this video, the child's mother scolds and what she says you can watch in the video above. The video was shared on Twitter with an account called @Gulzar_sahab. This video was shared on September 28 and now it is becoming increasingly viral.

At present, this video is making a lot of headlines on social media. Seeing this, a user said, "The course in the school should be kept so much that all the children study in the school itself. Practice at school. A little teaching has to be made advanced. There are so many school tools to use.'' Apart from this, another user wrote, "It is very disturbing to see children crying while studying.'' In this way, many users have commented on understanding the pain of the child.

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