Know the side effects of pain killer to the body

Sep 20 2019 05:58 PM
Know the side effects of pain killer to the body

Even when there is a headache, body ache or stomach ache that people take pen killers immediately to get rid of the pain. Even if they know about its loss. But to erase your pain and discomfort at that time, you use Painkiller. We are going to tell you some of its side effects. Some people get so much that they do not even consult a doctor. So we also tell you what can be the disadvantages of a pain killer.

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There are two types of painkillers
The painkiller is one of two drugs and the other is non-addictive. People who take an overdose of drug painkillers, their chances of death also increase. In such a situation, do not take any medicine without consulting the doctor.

How pain killer medicine works
Pain killers overdose can affect your main nervous system (Painkiller Effects). The nervous system transmits all the information of the body to the brain. The pen killer blocks the pain signals between the nervous system and the brain, causing the brain not to experience pain. Sometimes the liver also gets spoiled due to its excessive intake.

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Disadvantages due to the consumption of pen killer
When you start consuming painkillers more and more slowly, it starts weakening the membranes of the small intestine, causing a wound in the intestines. The chances of getting stomach related diseases also increase. These drugs contain acetaminophen, which damages the liver and kidneys. There is a possibility of ulcers, heart-related problems like rapid heartbeat, muscle stiffness, etc.

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1 drink turmeric in hot milk. This reduces body pain, muscle pain. Get into the habit of exercising every day. This can relieve mild to moderate pain.

2 Improve the routine. Improve the habit of sleeping, and eating. Many times headaches occur even when sleep is not complete. Stomach pain occurs due to staying on an empty stomach or eating outwardly.

3 headache, fatigue of the eyes, tension in the neck, tension in the back muscles are also caused by working continuously in office. Do not sit in the same position. Take less stress. Eat a balanced diet.

4 Consumption of ginger can avoid a headache. Yes, when any pain is more, then go to the doctor immediately.

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