Painful: 'Kidnap' the young man on the pretext of a job and then for months..."

Many shocking cases keep coming to the fore these days. Now the matter that has come to light recently is astonishing. In this case, a Chinese citizen was kidnapped in Cambodia in order to get a job. It is being told that kidnappers used to remove a certain amount of blood from the person's body every month. Yes, according to the news received, the person, who was being held hostage for about 7 months, was finally released from their clutches and escaped.

In fact, a member of the gang helped him escape and now after escaping from there, he has told the shocking truth. The victim has been identified as Lee. Told that this month he has been able to free himself from kidnappers with great difficulty. Apart from this, according to the news received, the person was taken hostage in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. Presently the person is being treated in the hospital, his condition is now said to be stable. In this case, the victim told that she was kidnapped in August, 2021 and kidnappers used to draw around 798 ml of blood from her body every month.

The age of the person is 31 years. It is believed that gang members used to sell this blood illegally. In this case, Lee told that when the people of the gang came to know that he was an orphan and no one would give money if he demanded ransom, they started drawing his blood. He further told that 7 other people were also taken hostage in the room with him. Lee's blood was O negative, so more blood was taken from his body than others.

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