Hindu girl kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam

Islamabad: Atrocities on minorities (Hindus, Sikhs, Christians) in Pakistan in the name of religion are not taking the name of stopping. Recently, another gruesome case has come to light from Pakistan. Here another Hindu girl has been kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam. The victim's name is Kareena Kumari, she is a resident of Sindh province. She was kidnapped on June 6 this year. On Friday (August 12, 2022), the victim told the court that she was forcibly converted to Islam after being kidnapped. Then they forcibly married her to Khalil. She pleaded with the court to take her to her father. However, the Pakistani court has directed to keep the victim in the women's centre for the time being.


According to media reports, Kareena Kumari is a resident of Shahidabad. She was kidnapped from outside the house on June 6, 2022. Father Sundermal tried hard to find her but did not succeed. Finally, after recovering Kareena, she was produced through video in a court in Nawabshah. A video of Kareena has also become increasingly viral on social media. In this, she is telling about forcibly converting herself to Islam and forcibly marrying Khalil. In the video, Kareena is saying, 'I was locked up and tortured. I want to be with my parents.' 


According to the victim's father, "We are very poor. We don't even have bus fares to go to and from the court. After my daughter's statement, the court should now send her with us. The court should also punish those who kidnap and rape girls because they also sell girls. Hindus in Pakistan have also protested against this incident with Kareena, but as usual, it did not affect the Pakistani government.''

According to Sundermal's lawyer Dilip Kumar Manglani, "Victim Kareena is a minor. Hindu girls and their families are at risk due to forced marriage and conversion. Most of the underage girls are hunted, which even the police do not help. The accused produced fake documents in court. In March this year, three Hindu girls were kidnapped, forcibly converted to Islam and married off to Muslim boys. The police have not been able to find any of the girls so far.''

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