Indian aircraft stuck at an altitude of 36 thousand, 150 passengers in trouble

Nov 16 2019 04:20 PM
Indian aircraft stuck at an altitude of 36 thousand, 150 passengers in trouble

ISLAMABAD: An Air Traffic Controller of Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority rescued the aircraft from crashing after receiving an emergency message from an Indian aircraft pilot. This message was issued by the pilot of an aircraft from Jaipur to Muscat, the capital of Oman. Sources related to the aviation authority have said that the aircraft suffered from unusual seasonal conditions in the Chor region of southern Sindh province.

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According to news from The News International, there were 150 passengers in the aircraft. The aircraft was flying over the Karachi area on Thursday, meanwhile, the plane fell into a flash of lightning and at the same time, it fell from a height of 36,000 feet to a height of 34,000 feet. As a result, the pilot issued an emergency protocol and reported "danger" to nearby stations. Pakistan's air traffic controller responded quickly to the pilot's warning and guided the aircraft through dense air traffic into the Pakistani airspace for the rest of the journey in the vicinity.

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Let us tell you that in view of the deadlock with India, after a ban of five months, Pakistan opened its airspace to India on 16 July. Pakistan closed its airspace on 26 February following the Balakot air action.

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