Pervez Musharraf adopted new way to avoid hanging
Pervez Musharraf adopted new way to avoid hanging

In the Supreme Court, former Pakistani dictator Pervez Musharraf has challenged the decision of the Special Tribunal. The Special Tribunal had sentenced Musharraf to death after being found guilty of treason. However, the Lahore High Court had termed the 13 January 2020 special court's decision as unconstitutional, which sentenced former President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf to death after he was convicted of grave treason.

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The Lahore High Court declared the special court unconstitutional on 13 January 2020. The Lahore High Court declared the death sentence invalid after hearing a petition filed by Musharraf. The judgment was pronounced by a three-judge bench of the High Court comprising Justice Syed Mazar Ali Akbar Naqvi, Mohammad Amir Bhatti, and Chaudhary Masood Jahangir. The Lahore High Court gave this decision after hearing the petition filed by Musharraf. He questioned the formation of a special court, challenging the death sentence awarded to him. This step has brought a big relief for the former Pakistani President. The retired army general said in an audio statement that he is very happy that the verdict of the apex court is as per law and constitution.

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On this matter, the Lahore High Court said that the sedition case against former President Musharraf was not conducted as per law. The court also waived the death sentence of Musharraf. Attorney General Khan argued before the apex court that a special tribunal was set up to hear the case without the prior approval of the cabinet. The court said that the trial was conducted in the absence of Pervez Musharraf, which cannot be called legally correct. The legal formalities were not fulfilled even in the formation of the special court in which the case went.

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