Photos of attack on Iran goes viral, video maker arrested

Jan 16 2020 09:42 AM
Photos of attack on Iran goes viral, video maker arrested

Washington: Video about Ukraine's passenger plane attack is going viral. In which it is seen that two missiles of Iran smashed the plane into the sky. Let us tell you that in this incident all 176 people aboard the plane were killed. At the same time, it is being said that this blurry video shows that Iran fired two missiles within 30 seconds. This video is made from the roof of a house built in a village. Iran initially admitted its mistake in the case after Nanukur.

According to information received from sources, it was learned that the police has arrested the young man who made the video in the case. But at the request of the U.N. Aviation Regulator, Iran is joining the investigation of this accident. At the same time, the British ambassador left Iran, the British ambassador arrested after detention in Iran has left the country. Government media agency Irna said that Ambassador Robert Macare left before the notice was issued. Macare came into the limelight after joining a protest on Saturday. He was arrested for inciting protesters.

Iran said - promise khilaf trump: For your information let us tell you that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani rejected the proposal of new agreement on behalf of America on Wednesday. In this proposal being called the Trump Deal, it was said to solve the nuclear issue. Iran criticized US President Donald Trump for calling it a stranger proposal and said that he always breaks the promise. Rouhani asked Washington to return to the old nuclear deal. After Washington withdrew from the deal in 2018, Trump re-imposed sanctions on Iran. Tehran says that it wants to maintain the old agreement, but if it is not benefiting from it then it cannot be maintained for eternity.

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