Pakistani court issues this order to employees due to coronavirus
Pakistani court issues this order to employees due to coronavirus

Now the panic of Coronavirus is spreading from China to the whole world. Its impact is being seen in many areas. In many countries, deaths have also started coming out. Coronavirus patients are also found in Pakistan. Keeping in mind that the number of these patients does not increase, now the court has also issued orders. In Pakistan, the Peshawar High Court has stopped its employees from shaking hands and hugs. This news has been carried prominently in all the media groups of Pakistan.

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According to media reports, the Peshawar High Court has refused to shake hands and hug its staff members in the wake of the threat of coronavirus outbreak. These instructions state that as long as there is a danger of coronavirus, employees will not have to register biometric attendance. Those who are unwell take a break and return to work only after getting treatment.

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After the court order, now employees will not be able to shake hands with each other nor will they be able to hug. Those who have mild cough or fever should not apply the mask. It is mandatory to change the mask daily. No towel or handkerchief should be used in the washroom. Everyone has to use tissue paper. In Pakistan too, the number of Corona patients is increasing day by day. In view of Corona's havoc in China, Pakistan has started taking such steps in advance. So that it does not take the form of an epidemic.

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