Will this important agreement be signed on Trump's India tour?
Will this important agreement be signed on Trump's India tour?

The current President Trump's visit to India is considered to be very important for many matters. But the trade agreement will not be signed in this tour. President Trump said that talks would continue after the end of the year US elections. It is inevitable that China and Indo-Pacific will be discussed during this visit. Both countries will keep a roadmap for greater cooperation.

Especially because the United States is keen to play an important role by India in this field. India is not talking about control, but is building deep cooperation and economic relations with all the countries of the region. As part of the Indo-Pacific strategy, the two countries have signed agreements for triangular cooperation for development in Asia and Africa.

This aspect of the relationship needs to be taken into consideration as it provides a platform to promote cooperation between the two countries while allowing capacity building of partner countries. Regarding China, the US is likely to raise concerns about such a move, despite India's decision to allow Chinese firm Huawei to conduct 5G tests in India.

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