Pakistan to expand tiny Navy to challenge India

New Delhi: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan alleges that the army is a state institution which works under him. It works amid Opposition's allegations of the powerful military establishment's interference in the country's politics and elections. Also, PM Imran thinks to expand the Pakistan Navy's tiny surface fleet and it's said that the expansion is an effort to challenge India.

PNS Tabuk, a corvette of about 2,300 tonnes, was commissioned on November 12 and left for Karachi, Pakistan's only major port from Port Constanta in Romania. Pak also looks at two mine-counter vessels from Holland. The Navy officers of Pakistan looked at two ships, the Haarlem and the Middelburg, earlier in this year. There is also talk of the Pakistan Navy acquiring three hovercrafts from Britain. This is the Griffon 2400TD, for coastal security. 

In the meantime, PNS Hamza, an Agosta-class submarine, with the Pakistan Navy for over a decade, has problems with its sonar is causing problems. They also have asked a Turkish firm to sort out the problems. 

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