Pakistan using #islamophobiainindia to defame India
Pakistan using #islamophobiainindia to defame India

New Delhi: Corona epidemic is spreading all over the world at this time and governments are engaged in protecting it, but on the other hand Pakistan is still engaged in conspiring against India. Constant terrorists are being sent to Kashmir, due to which our army is engaged in dealing, but Pakistan is also engaged in spewing venom against India through social media.

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Recently, everyone saw how suddenly, to spread bitterness between India and Arab countries, a hashtag was being trended on social media under the name Islamophobia in India and a conspiracy was being created to create an atmosphere that India is against Muslims. In this, efforts were being made especially that Arab countries should be against India in some way and similar tweets were being done continuously.

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The main objective of this trend was to somehow incite Arab countries against India and that is why the Troll Army in Pakistan created 6493 fake accounts within 15 days. Continually tweeting through them and getting anti-India things trended. Although the first tweet was tweeted by Saudi scholar Abidi Zahrani, after which these tweets continued to grow. Most of the tweets were from Pakistan but had shown Arab countries in their location. Which means Arab countries in GPS location Pakistan and Twitter Bio Location, so that if you see any tweet, it seems that tweets are being done from Gulf countries.

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