Continuation of death in Britain, death toll reaches 26 thousand
Continuation of death in Britain, death toll reaches 26 thousand

London: The outbreak of Corona, which is getting increased suddenly, has been taking the form of an epidemic for the whole world. In the grip of this virus, there have been more than 2 lakh 28 thousand deaths worldwide. But still this death game has not stopped. This virus has rocked the whole world today.

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The coronavirus has now taken the form of an epidemic, due to which the destruction period is increasing worldwide. Today the problem of food and drinking in the country is increasing in everyone's homes. Earlier people were dying due to the virus, but now this epidemic has made it difficult for people to live.

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According to new figures, 26,097 people have died in the UK so far. In Italy, more than 27,682 people have died so far. In Britain more than one lakh 60 thousand people are infected. Meanwhile, Britain's Foreign Minister Dominic Robb has said that his country has the capacity to test 73 thousand a day. After Britain, the death toll in France has increased to 24,087. On Wednesday, 427 people died. This number was slightly higher than on Tuesday, but it is very less if we look at the deaths happening in the past. More than one lakh 68 thousand people have been infected.

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