Pakistani spy Peer Mohammad arrested from Bengal, got many clues from mobile
Pakistani spy Peer Mohammad arrested from Bengal, got many clues from mobile

Kolkata: The Special Task Force of West Bengal has once again revealed a terrible conspiracy. A Pakistani agent has been arrested from Kalimpong. The Bengal STF has arrested a young man for sending confidential information. The accused has been identified as Peer Mohammad. According to sources, he was in regular touch with Pakistani authorities in Rawalpindi. The interrogation of the arrested accused youth is going on. According to experts, this is a big success of the STF of the state police. According to STF sources, several pictures have been recovered from the youth's mobile phone, which are pointing to the youth's activities.

According to the information received from the police, the accused used to work as a loan giver in different areas of Kalimpong and he started this espionage under this guise. Police officials have also found evidence of espionage through him. Peer Mohammad has been accused of sending confidential information to Pakistan. According to STF sources, the youth used to smuggle many essential documents. Several photographs have been recovered from his mobile, which were mainly of various camps of the Indian Army.  

Location pictures of those army camps have been found on the young man's phone. STF sources have given information in this regard. A total of two mobile phones and a laptop were recovered from the accused. They have already been sent to the CFSL lab for forensic examination. Investigating officers suspect that these mobiles and laptops will yield crucial information.

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