Pakistanis came under the shelter of the tricolor when their lives were in danger, left their flag and hoisted the flag of India

After Russia's attack on Ukraine (Russia Ukraine war), it has become a big challenge for foreign people living there to get out safely. People from many countries are stranded there, including Indian people. Along with this, people of Pakistan and other countries are also trapped there in large numbers and in some way they are trying to get out safely. The Government of India is running 'Operation Ganga' to evacuate its citizens. With the help of tricolor in Ukraine, Indian people are easily going to other countries. The special thing is that the citizens of Pakistan, who spew venom against India, are also taking the help of the tricolor instead of their flag to get out of there and are leaving there by pretending to be Indian.

The same citizens who returned home safely from Ukraine told that they were safe in Ukraine with the help of the tricolor. People from other countries were also trying to get out safely with the tricolor. A student said that we had a talk with the people of the army there, then they said that if you are an Indian then you do not need to be afraid because India and Russia are all one thing. There is mutual friendship.

The same students who returned from Bucharest, the capital of Romania, told, after that we immediately arranged for the tricolor. As soon as our bus arrived, we put two tricolors in front of the bus. So that we get to go easily. And our plan worked because they thought they were Indian students, so they let us go. Another student told that I had arranged for the tricolor. I ran away and brought color spray from the market. I bought 6 color sprays. Then I went to another shop and brought the curtain and cut it. Then made tricolor with spray. I also have videos of this near me. Then when he came out of the house, he sang the national anthem and then came out.

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