Palestinians condemn the woman who was killed in Jenin without cause
Palestinians condemn the woman who was killed in Jenin without cause

Ramallah: Many have condemned the killing of a Palestinian woman and eight other men by Israeli troops during their assault on Jenin on Thursday.

According to Arab News, 61-year-old Majida Obaid was inside her home and was in no danger from the advancing army. His family and the people of the town are in shock after the murder.

After her mother finished her morning prayers, her daughter, Kifaya Obaid, 26, a government employee, told Arab News she heard several gunshots right in front of their house around 9 a.m.

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"She looked out a window to see what was happening. And I was shocked to learn that in less than a minute she had been shot in the neck. She fell from her chair and was bleeding on the ground. Was. Was

Kifaya screamed and tried to use her hands to stop the blood. First aid was performed by volunteer paramedics, but Israeli forces opened fire on them. To save Majida from another blow, they dragged her out of the room.

Majida, the mother of six daughters and one son, lived in Jenin with her two daughters, Kifaya and Shireen.

Kifaya described his mother as a pious, simple woman who constantly prayed to God for a martyr's death. Kifaya claimed that she was fasting at the time of her death.

According to Kifaya, since they were firing at every moving target, never before had Israeli soldiers brutally targeted my home and my family.

Living at home without a mother will be challenging, but I am proud to be the daughter of a martyr." Her father, Omar Obaid, 58, who works in an Israeli factory, visited his wife as soon as her death was confirmed. returned home to attend the funeral.

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His married daughters divided their time between Jordan and Beersheba in southern Israel. The last rites were postponed till the arrival of relatives.

Kifaya claimed she was still puzzled as to why Israeli soldiers targeted her mother when she was inside her home and expressed doubt that the murder would be thoroughly investigated.

He said, "No one has been held responsible, so I don't trust their investigation. What happened to Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh confirms my belief."

On May 11, 2022, an Israeli soldier shot and killed Abu Akleh, a Palestinian American journalist who spent 25 years covering Israeli raids in Jenin for Al Jazeera. According to Omar Obeid speaking to Arab News, "Israel's abhorrent occupation does not discriminate between a woman or a child."

What can we expect from these haters, he continued? Majida was killed by bullets that sat directly in his house. They didn't struggle or fire on the military to warrant such heinous treatment. "We have no confidence in their investigative work. No army in the world fires randomly as these killers do when they are shooting."

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"This is something I never imagined. After he passes away, my life will be challenging and harsh, and I will miss him very much. Fatal Majida is the first lady of the year in Jenin. 34 out of 59 citizens who were killed in the city during fighting with Israel last year.

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