Love Paneer Tikka? Know how many calories contains in a bite

Aug 07 2019 09:48 PM
Love Paneer Tikka? Know how many calories contains in a bite

Cheese Tikka is one of the most favorite Indian vegetarian appetizers. It is liked by many people. This delicious spicy cheese dish is usually baked with yogurt and cooked in tandoor ovens. Also, vegetables like capsicum and mushrooms are used for making. But using butter in it can increase its calorie intake slightly. A piece of it can also harm you.

According to experts, a piece of paneer tikka contains 45.4 calories. Now you can understand how many calories you gain in the 6-piece paneer tikka. Appetizers are coated in flour, which is why it is a gluten-free dish. Cheese rich in protein and minerals is a healthy cheese. If you're losing weight, it's better for you to avoid foods made of fried dishes and butter and cream.

Grilled cheese as the starter may be the better option for you. If you are preparing paneer starter at home, don't fry the cheese, but it can be better for health by adding chaat masala.

Make healthy paneer tikka

Use low-fat yogurt instead of plain curd.

A few drops to reduce calories can mix lemon juice.

You can cook it with rice brain oil.

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