143 rape cases in 11 years registered in Panjagutta police station

Hyderabad: Nowadays cases of crime are increasing. The case of rape of 143 people in 11 years registered in Panjagutta police station has become a headache for the police. According to information received recently, a girl from Miryalaguda had filed a complaint in the police station. The woman said that in the last 11 years 143 people have raped her. The police officer spoke in this matter. He said, 'It is seriously considering how to pursue this case.'

Keeping this in mind, who should be entrusted with the responsibility of thorough investigation in this case. Many things are continuously coming out regarding this case. In the past, there have also been reports that in a few days this case will be handed over to CID or CCS. Talking about the police, an FIR has already been filed. Apart from this, every day new twist is coming in this case. In this case, the police have also raised doubts that, 'Why has the victim not opened up till now? Have there been incidents of rape of a girl for nine years? If she has been raped, why hasn't she filed a complaint with the police station for so many years?

Apart from all this, there are also reports that the police have filed her complaint, so why not take the support of the media? The police has obtained some information from the victims during the ongoing inquiries at the Trust Center about these questions. In this case, the victim said that she was scared, "If you complain anywhere, we will kill you. There is no one behind you." Along with this, the victim also said that, "She had decided to commit suicide. Because it is difficult to bear further persecution and that is why she has also written a suicide note." On being asked if there is any evidence related to the allegations? In response, the victim said that there is no evidence, but she has given the hotel address and said that the police can go there and investigate. Now in this case the police believe that it is impossible to investigate at those places after so many years. Because it is difficult to find any evidence or footage there now.

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