Pankaj Tripathi reveals funny thing about playing PR Man Singh in '83'

The film '83' has hit the theatres and is being loved these days. Ranveer Singh is playing a great role in the film. The film has many great stars apart from Ranveer. The film depends on what happened to the Indian team during the 1983 World Cup. The film brought back old memories. Apart from Ranveer Singh, Saqib and Tahir, Pankaj Tripathi is also garnering a lot of appreciation for his performance in the film. Pankaj Tripathi is playing team India manager PR Man Singh, but it is a little interesting to know when he actually came to know of India's victory.

In fact, Pankaj Tripathi says that he spent time with PR Man Singh to get to know him well. He went to the house of Hyderabad with him. He did not have to work much on his gesture. Just look at some old pics and videos and it's done. With this, he said, 'I captured Man Singh's thoughts more than his body language because we cannot see the thoughts of a person but that is his driving force.' During this, Pankaj Tripathi told that 'He is not a fan of sports, so he had very little information about PR Man Singh, but he came to know when Kabir Khan told.'

The actor said, 'He came to know four years later that India had won the World Cup. He further said, "I came to know in 1988 that India had won the World Cup in 1983. I must have been 7-8 years old at that time, so we used to play gilly poles in the village. It was only known that India had created history in London. Pankaj Tripathi also said, "He was surprised to know that there were 14 players and one PR Man Singh in the team at that time. Only these 15 people went for the World Cup. No one else had gone except them. Everyone had to pick up their belongings and travel with them, whereas in today's time, everyone has one assistant each. He went on to say, 'A lot has changed in the game now and then.'

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