Pappu Yadav said on raising the question of IAS Association on the release of Bahubali Anand Mohan
Pappu Yadav said on raising the question of IAS Association on the release of Bahubali Anand Mohan

Patna: Political tussle continues over the release of Bihar's Bahubali leader Anand Mohan, convicted in the murder of IAS officer G Krishnaiah. The IAS Association has also criticized the Nitish government and termed this decision as wrong. Meanwhile, Jan Adhikar Party chief Pappu Yadav has supported Anand Mohan. Asking questions to the IAS Association, Pappu Yadav said, "What is the first murder that is causing so much distress?"

Pappu Yadav said, “An incident happened and it was an accident. Anand Mohan ji is coming out after serving 14 years. IAS officers should be told whether this is the first murder? Who is talking so much now? One should not repent." Not only this, Pappu Yadav has appealed to Krishnaiah's wife that she should forgive Anand Mohan. This incident is of December 5, 1994. After the killing of a gangster in Bihar, there was resentment among the people of Muzaffarpur. Because of this, he was the DM of Gopalganj. Krishnaiah was coming from the same route in his official vehicle. They were lynched by the angry mob and the DM was also shot. It was alleged that the mob that killed the DM was instigated by the infamous Anand Mohan. This was the reason that the police named 6 persons including Anand Mohan and his wife Lovely in this case. Anand Mohan was convicted in Krishnaiah's murder case. Anand Mohan Singh was sentenced to death in 2007 in the 1994 Collector murder case. In 2008, the High Court commuted the death sentence to life imprisonment. 

The Bihar government is now going to release Anand Mohan, who is serving life sentence, from jail by changing the Prison Act. Bihar government has amended Rule 481 I of Kara Hastak 2012. The release of Anand Mohan, who had served a sentence of 14 years, was not possible due to the rules laid down. Therefore, the murder of a government servant in the line of duty has now been removed from the category of exception. The notification for the change was issued by the government on April 10 itself. IAS Association tweeted and said, Anand Mohan IAS G. Krishnaiah was brutally murdered. In such a situation it is sad. Bihar government should withdraw this decision as soon as possible. If this does not happen, then it is tantamount to denial of justice. Such decisions lead to a decline in the morale of the public servants. We appeal to the state government that the Bihar government should reconsider it as soon as possible.

The pain of IAS Krishnaiah's wife: - 

The same IAS Krishnaiah's wife said that the one who killed an honest officer is being released, from this we understand what is the judicial system? She said that this release should be opposed in other communities including the Rajput community. He should not be released, he should be punished and given death sentence. Uma Devi said that 'I request the Prime Minister and the President to intervene in this matter and stop it'.

Know what Anand Mohan said?

On the other hand, just after his release, in one of his interviews, Anand Mohan said that those who are opposing my release, are in contempt of the court. He said that he was punished in 2007. Then in 2012 an act came. He was released on the basis of this. Anyway, life imprisonment does not mean life. This means a sentence of 20 years. He further said, 'If any prisoner has a good conduct then after serving 14 years of sentence he can be released and in my case I have served 15 years of sentence. DM Mr Krishnaiah's death, Anand Mohan said that he was also saddened by his death.

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