'Parched' again caught in controversy !
'Parched' again caught in controversy !

Parched after earning accolades from the audience remains in controversy. Now again caught in trouble from the Rabari community in Gujarat who are seeking a ban on the film. 

Director and producer of film Leena Yadav and her husband are getting threatening calls to ban the movie. According to community, "the outfits in the film are similar to what the Rabari women wear and therefore, shows them in a poor light and is defaming their community."

Leena told on this note said, “It is a scary scenario. My husband is getting threat calls. I do not know how they got his number, but since the film released on Friday, he has been getting calls from different numbers. They are hurling expletives and have told him that the Rabaris are a six-million-strong community, so he should be wary. He has been flooded with nasty messages on WhatsApp as well.”

They filed a complaint with the Oshiwara police in Mumbai. “The cops have asked for the numbers from which the calls have been coming,” Leena added.

Leena denied the allegations of the Rabari community. “I have not named any community, caste or religion. There is a disclaimer about resemblance too. They are reacting to the costumes. I have used a mix of Gujarati and Rajasthani costumes. But, they feel it looks like theirs. If I wear a costume from Thailand, I do not become a Thai. Our identity is not made by the clothes we wear,” she said.

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