This Bollywood veteran got furious over Pak PM Imran, said this!

Bollywood actor Paresh Rawal is found to be very active in films as well as on social media. On current issues, he continues to present his opinions on social media. Paresh Rawal recently tweeted a bombshell tweet about Pakistan's PM Imran Khan, and his tweet has also drawn a lot of attention on social media. In a tweet, Paresh targeted Imran and described him as a schoolboy.

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Presenting his opinion on Imran Khan by Bollywood actor Paresh Rawal, he wrote on Twitter, "I can't stop myself from sharing it. Imran Khan is the sad Launda of the school that only read 'Modi Modi' throughout the year and came to Amit Shah in the exam."

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As for Bollywood actor Paresh, he has played his own coin in the film world as well as in the political world. Paresh Rawal has played the comedian's role in many Bollywood films. His acting has been well-liked in films such as OMG, 'Welcome', 'Hera-Ferry' and 'Sanju'.

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