Parth Velani Suggests Aspiring Authors To Start Writing Now & Not Wait For Some Special Day

Parth Velani has created a loyal fanbase for himself as an author. His writing style is loved by people and inspires them to become a writer as well. But ever since the success of his latest book 'The Cricket Guide', he has climbed new ladders of success.

Being an accomplished author, Parth Velani knows the commitment that his work requires. He has a beautiful message for his admirers who want to become an author as well. Parth suggests everyone to start writing and not wait for a special day to do it. "As an author and writer, when people find out I’ve written books, I always hear the same thing most published authors hear at many points in their career. People say 'I’m going to write a book someday'. Everybody seems to want to write a book, but not many do." he says.

Parth further explains his point and adds, "If you truly want to write a book, you don’t wait for 'someday'. You write right now and every chance you get, whether it makes sense or not, you write and get your thoughts down. You can edit and rearrange your writing later. Writers write, keyboards don’t. Writers write, procrastinators don’t. Writers write, wannabes don’t."

Parth is currently working on publishing the paperback of his book ‘Big doubts Simple Solutions' and plans to complete it within this month. He says he received a lot of requests from his readers regarding this hence it's his primary goal.

He's also planning to come up with two more books in the future one of which is based on relationships and the other one falls in the motivational category. Parth says that he had planned to complete the books by July 2023, but he is currently occupied with work after lockdown and some other responsibilities, so he has kept them on hold for some time.

Parth Velani is also gearing up to be active on YouTube during this time.

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