Parveen Babi kept running on road in half clothes, her death was very scary and painful

Born on April 4, Parveen Babi is no longer in this world. She died tragically on this day. Yes, Parveen took her last breath on January 20, 2005. Whoever hears or reads about her death loses consciousness. Parveen Babi was a famous actress of the 70s and today is her death anniversary. Parveen Babi gave many great films in her career. Between 1976 and 80, she was on the list of most expensive actresses in the industry and gave many hits in her career. However, when she died, no one even heard the news for two days. In fact, she died on January 20, 2005, but her body was fished out of her flat on January 22. No one has ever solved the mystery of whether Parveen Babi committed suicide or died.

Parveen Babi is said to have been as lonely as she was in fact as bright in her life on the silver screen. Yes, even though she has not been in the news for her screen image, she has been in the news for her affairs. She has had an affair with Danny and Kabir Bedi besides Mahesh Bhatt, though her loving story with Mahesh Bhatt had a painful end. Parveen is said to have been at the peak of her career when she fell in love with Mahesh Bhatt. However, she had an affair with Kabir Bedi before Mahesh and held Mahesh Bhatt's hand after breaking up with Kabir though Mahesh was already married at that time. Nevertheless, the two started living in live-ins. The relationship lasted for two years but in 1979 Mahesh Bhatt suddenly came to know of a truth that made him lose consciousness. In fact, one day when Mahesh returned home, she saw Parveen sitting in a corner of the house wearing a costume for the film, with a knife in her hand. Meanwhile, seeing Mahesh, Parveen gestured to her to keep quiet.

Parveen then said, 'Don't talk, there's someone in the room. They're trying to kill me.' Parveen is said to have done this for the first time that scared Mahesh badly. Parveen then often started doing such things and a few days after concerning doctors, she found out that she had a mental illness called schizophrenia. At that time Mahesh Bhatt started treating her with the best doctors. Though doctors said they would have to give her electric shocks to treat her, Mahesh Bhatt was strongly against giving Parveen an electric shock. Parveen's ex-boyfriends Kabir Bedi and Danny are also said to have helped Mahesh. At that time, Parveen was afraid that someone wanted to kill her, and after some time Parveen started feeling that a bomb was placed in her car, she was scared of the sound of AC. Soon she started treating her co-star Amitabh Bachchan as a threat to herself.

Parveen was kept locked in the room. Doctors, on the other hand, had no choice but to give her electric shocks. Parveen's condition had become very critical and she stopped taking medicines. Seeing the condition getting worse, Mahesh Bhatt took Parveen away from Mumbai to Bengaluru as Mahesh wanted to keep Parveen away from stress. However, Mahesh later left Parveen and returned to his wife Lorraine. Parveen then returned to Mumbai after completing treatment. At that time, Parveen's doctors did not want Mahesh to be around Parveen. Parveen was not ready to leave Mahesh and Mahesh also wanted her to be treated well. Then one night Parveen asked Mahesh to choose either her or her doctor.

At the same time, Mahesh Bhatt felt that their relationship was coming to an end. At that time Mahesh left Parveen's house in the middle of the night and Parveen tried to stop her and ran on the road in half clothes, though Mahesh did not stop. Parveen then fell alone and died after some time.

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