From Humble Beginning to UPSC Success journey of Pawan Kumar
From Humble Beginning to UPSC Success journey of Pawan Kumar

Pawan Kumar's house is now bustling with visitors. As you pass a tricolor flag on the front of the house, a narrow pathway leads to a small courtyard. There are about half a dozen cattle tied under a thatched cowshed, seeking respite from the summer heat. The space is modest, but it’s enough for the crowd that has gathered to meet the soon-to-be IAS officer. Pawan Kumar, from a humble village in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, has realized his dream of cracking the UPSC exam, achieving a rank of AIR 239 in the civil services exam. He is the son of a poor farmer and was raised in a mud house, experiencing extreme poverty. With an asbestos roof over his head, he had every reason to fight for a better future, creating an inspiring story of perseverance for the youth of his village, Raghunathpur.

His father, Mukesh Kumar, wanted him to find any job that could help sustain the household, but Pawan had one dream: to become an IAS officer and assist the people of his village. "He wanted to be an IAS officer since childhood," his father said. "I often urged him to take on a part-time job, but he would tell me not to interrupt his studies. He had no other interest besides studying." The UPSC exam, known for being challenging even for the brightest minds, is a necessary step for those seeking a career in administrative services. Pawan Kumar struggled with the exam twice but continued to persevere until he succeeded. On his third attempt, he passed with flying colors. The family owns a four-bigha plot of agricultural land and a thatched house. Pawan's father tills the land and works as a laborer to support the family. This extreme poverty weighed on Pawan Kumar's mind, prompting him to aim to alleviate his family's poverty. He knew that education was the only solution. His sister Goldie shared that whenever he was home, he would devote himself solely to studying.

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