Pee Safe Brings Chatbot to Increase Awareness and Help Shoppers
Pee Safe Brings Chatbot to Increase Awareness and Help Shoppers

Pee Safe, a leading personal hygiene brand, has unveiled PeePal, an innovative AI chatbot designed to revolutionize your shopping experience and enhance your hygiene knowledge. With the global conversational AI market expected to soar to $14 billion by 2025, PeePal is poised to offer personalized assistance and educational insights to consumers, marking a significant step in Pee Safe's journey towards becoming a holistic personal hygiene brand catering to diverse needs.

PeePal: Your Personal Hygiene Companion

PeePal harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to provide users with personalized guidance on optimal hygiene and self-care practices. Unlike traditional shopping assistants, PeePal isn't just about transactions; it's about empowering you with knowledge and making your personal care journey uniquely yours.

Rithish Kumar, Co-Founder of Pee Safe, highlighted the significance of PeePal, stating, "PeePal is not just a shopping assistant; it’s your personalized guide through our Pee Safe ecosystem. It’s about making your personal care journey uniquely yours and empowering you with knowledge."

Setting a New Standard in Personal Care

Gopal Dutt Vashisht, Growth Manager at Pee Safe, emphasized PeePal's role in driving a reliability revolution in personal care. He remarked, "PeePal is not just about accurate decision-making; it’s a reliability revolution. While others talk about innovation, we’re living it, setting a new standard in the ecosystem—transforming personal care and educating our users along the way."

Empowering Consumers, One Interaction at a Time

Launched in 2017, Pee Safe has rapidly grown to become a trusted name in feminine hygiene and intimate wellness. With over 6 million customers, the brand caters to women of all age groups, from puberty to menopause. Now, with the introduction of PeePal, Pee Safe aims to further empower consumers by providing them with personalized assistance and valuable insights into hygiene and self-care practices.

The Future of Personal Hygiene Shopping

According to McKinsey, AI technologies have the potential to add up to $1 trillion in value annually, with customer service being a key area of transformation. With the global conversational AI market projected to grow at a CAGR of 22%, reaching nearly $14 billion by 2025, PeePal represents the future of personal hygiene shopping—a seamless blend of technology, education, and empowerment.

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