Dogs will identify coronavirus, Ongoing training at penicillin university
Dogs will identify coronavirus, Ongoing training at penicillin university

New Delhi: Corona is in crisis all over the world at this time. Countries and their scientists around the world are looking for a cure for it. Work is going on in America, Britain and India on a war footing to make the vaccine. Even after all the arrangements and strict lock-down, two and a quarter lakh people have died in the whole world. Now scientists have suggested a new way to stop corona.

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Scientists say that labrador breed dogs are able to smell the virus. The news agency reported that 8 Labrador dogs are being trained under a research project at the University of Pencilvia. Similar efforts are going on in London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. During this time, researchers had already claimed that dogs can detect malaria infection in all humans. If this training is successful in Britain and the United States, the dogs can be used as canine surveillance ducts.

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Dogs have the ability to smell 10 times more than humans which is due to their Jacobson or Vomeroneal organ. It is located on their nasal cavities and upper part of the mouth. Scientists have not yet found out why they have this organ. But research conducted on cats and other animals suggests that they probably have this ability so that they can identify patterns left by other dogs. Scientists have discovered that we humans can identify 10 trillion different smells, but dogs are far ahead of humans in this matter.

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