Let everyone get infected! Worldwide debate on 'Plan B' to avoid Corona
Let everyone get infected! Worldwide debate on 'Plan B' to avoid Corona

New Delhi: Should all people be left to fall prey to the Corona virus? You may find it funny, you may also get angry, but in the world it is also seen as an option. Right now there is a debate among experts in the world about whether this should be done or not. If arguments are coming in its favor, then arguments are coming against it too. After all, what is this option, which has sparked so much debate, let us understand.

Actually, lockdown and social distancing cannot be implemented forever. Until the corona vaccine is formed, the risk is very high. So will the lockdown remain in place until the vaccine is created? Absolutely not, because then more people will start dying from this disease than try to prevent it. The economy will collapse, unprecedented unemployment will increase. It is possible that people will come to the point of dying of hunger.

In such a situation, people's hopes have increased with the concept of 'herd immunity' till medicine is made. This is being told as Plan B to leave people open to infection, it will develop 'herd immunity' and finally the epidemic will end. But there is so much risk that experts around the world have divided it. According to the World Health Organization, this is not wise at all.

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