People go berserk when Women tourist brings World War II bomb at Vienna airport
While traveling, it is important to keep in mind that what things are there that you are keeping with you. A woman tourist from Austria flying America did the same and considered the Soviet Union with a bomb from World War II with her. At the Vienna International Airport, when she placed the bomb in front of the authorities, everyone got stirred.
The 24-year-old American woman came to Austria to visit. While hiking here, she found a bombshell linked to World War II. She kept it in his bag without any investigation. This American tourist reached the hotel and cleaned the bombshell so that the clothes she kept it around did not get dirty. 
After this, America's female tourist hotel packed its luggage and reached the airport. He came here with innocence and tried to know from the airport's customs officers whether she could fly with the bomb. In this interrogation, she placed the bomb in front of the authorities. 
Immediately after this, there was a stir at the Vienna airport and officials called the Bomb Disposal Unit. Due to this incident, the arrival of the airport and luggage section was stopped for 15 minutes. Later, this tourist woman was fined 4000 euros.
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