People Talk Show's Bold Claim: Pakistan Supplying 155mm Shells to Israel

Islamabad:  The veracity of a claim circulating on social media, particularly on the X (Twitter) account of a media organization called People Talk Show, suggests that Pakistan has been supplying 155mm shells to Israel. This assertion is based on flight-tracking data analysis, alleging that a British Air Force plane flew from Bahrain to the Nur Khan base in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, and then proceeded to an allied base in Cyprus.

According to the People Talk Show's tweet, the flight path raises suspicions that Pakistan is exporting 155mm shells to Israel due to a perceived shortage of global supplies. The post accuses Pakistan of having the blood of Palestinian citizens on its hands, stating, "So the blood of Palestinian Citizens and Children is on the hand of Pakistan armed forces."


The British Air Force plane in question is identified as RRR6664/5, a Boeing C-17A Globemaster, known for its heavy-lift military transport capabilities. While flight tracking maps confirm the plane's landing in Pakistan, it remains unclear how the user determined that it was loaded with ammunition, specifically 155mm shells.

The claim gains significance due to the Akrotiri base in Cyprus, a British Royal Air Force facility serving as an international military hub. It is allegedly being used to supply arms and ammunition to Israel amid its conflict with Hamas.

It's important to note that Pakistan has a history of producing basic munitions required for ground assaults. In September 2023, The Intercept reported a secret arms sale from Pakistan to the US, facilitating a bailout from the International Monetary Fund. The report suggested that Pakistan supplied the Ukrainian military with 155mm shells and other weaponry.

Despite these claims, Pakistan has firmly denied allegations of supplying Israel with munitions for ground assault. The country maintains a policy of strict neutrality in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

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