Period skipped for an intercourse post-C-Section

Aug 10 2018 01:36 PM
Period skipped for an intercourse post-C-Section

C-Section, more commonly known as cesarean delivery, is processed in which the abdomen of the pregnant lady is cut from its lower side, instead of the vagina, in order to get the baby delivered out.

The cut part is stitched back and the lady who has undergone the parturition needs to be taken care of.

Now the question arises that what is the duration for which an intercourse should be skipped, post-parturition.

As you may know, after parturition, a woman’s body becomes really tender. It needs to be sincerely taken care of. The postpartum period is an extremely sensitive period for a lady.

Her vagina feels wide and swollen. Therefore, having an intercourse during this period could lead to severe bleeding and other issues.

Therefore, before you get involved in your sexual life, once again, you must consult your doctor, who would guide you regarding the same. Most often, women recover from the postpartum period in about 6 weeks, while some take much more time.

After the recovery period, you can get involved in any sort of sexual activity, involving the vagina.

Well, you must also be informed that you should still take some time to plan for your next child.

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