Diesel gets cheaper today, know the price of petrol
Diesel gets cheaper today, know the price of petrol

New Delhi: The weak demand for crude oil in the international market has further reduced its price. At this time, new cases of coronavirus are increasing rapidly around the world. This has had a very bad effect on the global oil market. Here, in the domestic market, government oil companies have again cut the price of diesel. However, petrol prices are stable.

There has been no change in the price of petrol for the last 10 days. Petrol remained flat at Rs 81.06 in Delhi on Friday, while diesel was reduced by 7 paise to Rs 70.46 per liter. Today, the price of petrol in Delhi is 81.06 and the price of diesel is 70.46 per liter. Petrol in Mayanagri Mumbai is being sold at Rs 87.74 and diesel at Rs 76.86 per liter.

Petrol is being sold at the rate of 84.14 per liter in Chennai, capital of Tamil Nadu, while Rs 75.95 is being paid for one liter of diesel. While one liter petrol is being available in Kolkata for Rs 82.59 and the price of diesel is 73.99 per liter. Let us tell you that the oil companies issue new rates of petrol-diesel after daily review, which comes into force from 6 am.

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