Prices of petrol and diesel increases after 29 days, Know today's rates

New Delhi: There was no change in the prices of petrol and diesel in the country for 29 consecutive days, but today their prices have been recorded. For the first time in the new year, the price of petrol has increased and talking about different states across the country, then the price of petrol has been increased by 24 to 26 paise and the price of diesel by 24 to 27 paise. In Delhi, the price of petrol has increased by 26 paise to Rs 83.97 and talking about diesel, in Delhi it has become 25 paise expensive at Rs 74.12 per litre.

Today, the price of petrol in Mumbai has reached 90 rupees 60 paise and diesel is being sold at the rate of 80.78 rupees per litre. In Kolkata, the capital of Bengal, the price of petrol has come down to Rs 85.44 and the price of diesel to Rs 77.70 per litre. The price of petrol in Chennai has gone up to Rs 86.75 per litre and diesel has come to Rs 79.46 per litre. In Bangalore too, the price of petrol and diesel has increased and the price of petrol has increased by 25 paise to Rs 86.79 per litre. The price of diesel has reached Rs 78.59 per litre.

In Noida, petrol has reached Rs 83.88 per litre and diesel price at Rs 74.55 per litre. The last time the price of fuel in the country was changed on December 8, and after that in the first price change of the new year, petrol 26 paise and diesel 25 paise have become expensive.

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