PFI is active even after being banned! Working on making India a Muslim nation, NIA raids at 17 places

New Delhi: The investigating agencies have once again taken action against the radical organization Popular Front of India (PFI). NIA raids are going on at PFI bases across the country. NIA is conducting raids at 17 locations in UP, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh. Investigating agencies had received specific inputs that even after being banned by the government, the PFI organization is doing illegal work. After this, simultaneously several teams of NIA are conducting raids at 17 places.

Let us tell you that an FIR was lodged in Phulwari Sharif of Bihar regarding this organization. After which now there has been a raid in the Urdu market of Darbhanga regarding this. NIA action is also going on in Darbhanga. According to the report, NIA is conducting raids at two locations here. Search is going on at Dr. Shariq Raza's house in Urdu market of Darbhanga city. In Darbhanga itself, raids are going on at Mehboob's house in Shankarpur of Singhwada police station area. Let me tell you, this is not the first time that NIA has taken such action. In January this year, the NIA filed a charge sheet in the court against the terror module of Phulwari Sharif. The revelations made by the police in this charge sheet were very frightening for India and Indians. If the terror module of PFI was not exposed in time, the consequences could have been extremely fatal.

NIA had named 4 members of PFI as accused in its charge sheet. There was a serious allegation of doing illegal and anti-national work on them. Last year in September 2022 action was taken on PFI all over India. Large-scale raids took place on 22 and 27 September and hundreds of people were also arrested. On September 28, the Ministry of Home Affairs banned the PFI for five years.

What is the purpose of PFI: -

1- Raising funds in the name of social work and anti-national propaganda
2- Using schools, colleges, madrassas in Muslim dominated areas to spread poison
3- Training Muslim youths to commit violence, stone pelting etc. 
4- Radical ideas Recruiting for the spread of muslims.
5-Dodging government agencies through different wings. 
6- Inciting SC/ST and OBC against Hindus.
7-Forcibly capturing power as soon as 50% Muslims come together.
All these things have been found by the investigating agencies from the documents found during the raid. PFI had prepared a document named Mission 2047 to make India an Islamic nation by 2047, in which all conspiracies were recorded. It was even said in this that, even if 10% Muslims come together, the cowards will bring Hindus to their knees. Not only this, several raids on PFI sleeper cells by investigative agencies across the country reveal that the fundamentalist organization has launched several wings to evade government agencies and spread its agenda. PFI had formed many small organizations to escape from the clutches of government agencies. Through these small organisations, a large number of recruitment drives are being conducted in schools, colleges and madrassas located in Muslim dominated areas. In many places, Muslim children are also being trained in violence in madrassas. These people are also being given training in stone pelting and karate. 

It has also been revealed that PFI in its meeting gives training to spread radicalism and violence. From throwing stones to collecting stones on the roof of the house is taught in PFI meetings. Along with this, PFI also trains people to gather in crowd, then instigate people to spread riots. During interrogation, it has also come to know that more than 200 terrorists have been trained in South India. The aim of PFI is to target poor, beggars and oppressed Muslim youth. It also includes brainwashing these people by filling them with anti-Hindu poison. Along with this, PFI is also working on a plan to make India an Islamic nation by 2047, for this it is working on the policy of 'divide and rule' by provoking SC/ST and OBC against Hindus. 

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