'PFI makes Muslims terrorists, has links with al-Qaeda...', Sufi board demands ban"

New Delhi: The Sufi Islamic Board, which is engaged in exposing the extremist Islamic organization Popular Front of India (PFI), has once again demanded a ban on it. The Sufi Board has claimed that the radical Islamist organization PFI is affiliated with the terrorist organization Al Qaeda and works on the instructions received from it.

Sufi Islamic Board spokesperson Kashish Warsi in an interview has accused PFI of instigating Indian Muslims. He made a surprising disclosure that he has also received murder threats after revealing that the PFI had links with the terrorist organization Al Qaeda. Warsi says that PFI has been found indulging in many anti-national activities. It's been a few days since we urged the government to ban PFI. Now that the Sufi Board has been threatened with murder by Al Qaeda, it has been proved that PFI is linked to Al Qaeda. Therefore, the government should take strict action by banning it.

Similar allegation was made two years back also:-

Earlier in December 2020 also, the Sufi Islamic Board had accused the terrorists of PFI and radicalization of Muslim youth for jihad. Not only this, the Sufi Islamic Board had accused the PFI of misleading Muslims through its political wing Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI). The board alleged that the PFI organization instigates Muslims for jihad in the country and assures them that after death they will get '72 hoorayen' in heaven. Muslim youths become jihadis and terrorists by coming under this delusion.

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