Pillow has a lot of danger; read more!
Pillow has a lot of danger; read more!

If you do not have a pillow on your bed while sleeping, you do not get good sleep. Sleeping in a comfortable way without a pillow is not possible. But do you know that the pillow can also spoil your beauty? How much damage does beauty to the skin and hair? So here's how the pillow can harm you, so you should keep changing them from time to time.

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* At times, cotton pillow covers shrink and collect a place. As cotton nature has a little rough, it causes ridges on your face while sleeping. These ridges may be removed after a while, but they are the cause of wrinkles in the long run.

* Sleeping on a pillow cover with a slightly stiff or rough fabric can make your skin look rough and lifeless. This is because they absorb natural oil from your skin.

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* Sleeping on old or dirty pillows can cause infections as well as pimple trouble. Bacteria on dirty pillows make up their home. Your skin directly comes into contact with it while sleeping and you have pimple problems.

* Not just skin, hair can also damage the pillow. In fact, when you sleep and change the curve, there is wear and tear between your hair and the cover. This causes hair to break down and hair loss. So never sleep with open hair. Always sleep with loose braids in your hair.

* There is a wear and tear between the pillow and your skin while sleeping. If you don't sleep on a soft pillow cover, the rashes may be troublesome. Always use covers like satin or silk.

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