Pilot fell asleep on the airplane, the plane overtook the destination and then ..

In today's time, most people prefer to travel by air for traveling. It also saves time and does not have to cover long distances. When traveling by air, all the pilots are confident that they will take them to the right destination. Just think what will happen if the pilot sleeps. Some people get scared after thinking. Today we are going to tell you one such case. In Australia, where the pilot fell asleep and the aircraft flew 46 km ahead of the destination.

In fact, a pilot in Australia fell asleep while flying the airplane and he left 46 km ahead of the destination. In such a situation, no one gets scared. The pilot was flying the cargo plane and this incident happened during this time. After this incident, orders for immediate action against the pilot were ordered. The Piper PA-31 Navajo Chieftain was the only pilot aboard this cargo ship.

According to the information, the pilot slept on autopilot system. The incident is said to be the beginning of this month. He flew from Davenport town in Tasmania to King Island in the Bass Strait. This issue came up when the air traffic control could not contact the pilot boarding the plane. The identity of the pilot was not made public. But this is big negligence that should not happen.

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