Pistachio gets rid of the problem of amnesia
Pistachio gets rid of the problem of amnesia

Many people forget the small things that they forget, it is not necessary that only after the age of the disease, this disease can happen, forgetting the disease can happen to people of any age. But today we are going to tell you some ways that your memory will get faster and you will get rid of the disease of forgetfulness.

1- Sleep can not be forgotten due to lack of sleep we suffer many problems while good sleep will keep your mind fresh and you will have to remember things, so take at least 8 hours of sleep, By doing this you can get rid of this problem.

2- If you have an illness, then include nutritious meals such as eggs, dried fruits, green vegetables, fish, chicken, apple, coffee, ground almonds, ghee and pulses in your food. By consuming these things your memory will get faster.

3- Pistachio consumption can be avoided due to forgetfulness, so take pistachios regularly, pistachios contain plenty of thiamine which stimulates the brain.


रिलेटेड टॉपिक्स
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