Plus-size models become trendy
Plus-size models become trendy

For years, images of unfeasibly slim, stunning, blemish less women have overflowed on fashion magazines, billboards and television screens.

Now, 26-year-old British model Iskra Lawrence has brought   an upheaval on beyond the reach beauty standards with nude makeup look. In the fashion world, she is now trending.

She is among a growing number of plus-size models finding eminence and calling themselves body activists, promoting a good health and well-being. She also refuses to allow clients to photoshop of her pics.

She says: “The whole concept of Photoshop gives false impression,” during a rare spot of downtime before jetting off on her most recent shoot, this time to a barren beach in Iceland.

“They’re not blemish. They’re piece of your body. We were just influenced by society and the media that there was something wrong with them.”

But change is afoot. Ashley Graham, who last year became the first “curve” model on the cover of the annual “Swimsuit Issue” of Sports illustrate, is on the cusp of becoming a household name.

In February, she became the first curve model to walk for Michael Kors at Fashion Week. This season, she hosted a fashion awards night and on Sunday walked again for Prabal Gurung in a show with Gigi Hadid.

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